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Summary of Grid squares worked on 6m (during 2018)
· EL87, EL95, EL96, EL97
· EM40, EM52, EM60, EM73, EM84, EM90, EM92
· FK49, FK58, FK68
· FL20, FL31
· FM04, FM07, FM16, FM26
· FN54, FN64, FN74, FN85
· GJ25
· GN37
· HK76
· HM68, HM77
· HP94
· IL18, IL28, IL46
· IM58, IM59, IM67, IM68, IM75, IM76, IM77, IM85, IM86, IM87, IM88, IM98, IM99
· IN50, IN51, IN52, IN60, IN70, IN72, IN73, IN79, IN80, IN82, IN83, IN88, IN89, IN91, IN95
· IO51, IO61, IO62, IO63, IO64, IO70, IO71, IO72, IO74, IO75, IO80, IO81, IO82, IO83, IO84
· IO85, IO86, IO90, IO91, IO92, IO93, IO94
· JM06, JM08, JM19, JM49, JM75, JM77
· JN00, JN01, JN02, JN03, JN05, JN06, JN09, JN11, JN13, JN15, JN16, JN23, JN25, JN27, JN33
· JN35, JN36, JN37, JN40, JN45, JN47, JN49, JN52, JN53, JN54, JN55, JN57, JN58, JN61, JN62
· JN63, JN64, JN65, JN68, JN70, JN71, JN72, JN75, JN76, JN77, JN79, JN80, JN81, JN84, JN85
· JN86, JN87, JN88, JN89, JN90, JN92, JN94, JN97, JN98, JN99
· JO00, JO01, JO02, JO03, JO10, JO11, JO20, JO21, JO22, JO30, JO31, JO32, JO33, JO45, JO49
· JO50, JO51, JO53, JO54, JO58, JO59, JO60, JO61, JO65, JO66, JO67, JO68, JO70, JO71, JO75
· JO78, JO79, JO80, JO81, JO87, JO88, JO90, JO91, JO92, JO94
· JP33, JP40, JP50, JP66, JP71, JP80, JP82, JP90, JP92
· KM18, KM25, KM27, KM39, KM46, KM50, KM64
· KN00, KN01, KN02, KN04, KN05, KN06, KN07, KN08, KN09, KN10, KN11, KN12, KN13, KN16, KN22
· KN23, KN28, KN29, KN34, KN59, KN75, KN85
· KO00, KO10, KO11, KO12, KO16, KO25, KO26, KO27, KO29, KO40, KO50
· KP01, KP03, KP05, KP10, KP11, KP20, KP25, KP30, KP32, KP52
· KQ40
· LL56
· LN20

Total of 246 Grid squares worked on 6m.
The above information is extracted from my DXKeeper log, it is updated approx every 30 minutes (when I'm logged onto the Shack Computer).
73 Stewart Wilkinson
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