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Pol Antenna Heading ASL
Mode Status Keeper Last
76,032,875.0 OE5XBM Breitenstein JN78DJ 0.015 H Delta Rotary 977 A1 24/7 OE5VRL edit 03/16
76,032,825.0 DB0MOT Kleiner JO44FF 0.02 H Slotted Waveguide Omni 838 A1 - - edit 10/16
76,032,800.0 DB0FGB Schneeberg JO50WB 0.1 - Horn N 1100 A1 24/7 DB6NT edit 12/17
76,032,235.0 DF0CR - JN49XF 0.002 - Dish 125 450 A1 24/7 DL7QY edit 03/16
76,032,910.0 DB0WML - JO31MU 0.0 H Sectoral Horn S 140 A1 24/7 DK8QU edit 04/18
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If you are the Keeper of a 4mm Beacon or can provide additional information, corrections, updates etc please Click Here or use the link for the beacon in the table above.

Google Earth - Beacon map

google_earth This beacon list is also available as a map to display in Google Earth.
A personalised version of the map is also available (showing distance and bearing from your location to each beacon), just enter the details below, if you do not know your IARU locator you may use K7FRY's site to determine the correct value (use your mouse to move around the map and then click on the area of the map) :
Your Name (or Callsign): {required}
Locator: {required} (i.e. IO91BA)
Note: Only beacons with a valid IARU Locator are included on the map.

All beacon information on this site has been obtained from various published sources, including: or has been provided by other Amateur Radio operators in good faith
73 Stewart Wilkinson
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