About us

You might not be aware that we have an enthusiastic radio club in the Stroud area called the Cotswold Amateur Radio Group with a membership
of local amateur radio operators from all around the County.

We meet on the 4th Friday evening of each month at the Scout
Hut, Dr Browns Road, Minchinhampton nr Stroud GL6 9BT from 7pm to 9pm ish..

We also often meet on the 2nd Friday evening of each month on the local 70cm repeater, GB3SG.

We have an HF and a 2m antenna on site for our tranceivers which are a Kenwood TS480HX 200 watt HF radio – and a Kenwood TS 241E 40 watt 2m radio. Our club members use these at most meetings. We hold a club call sign G4SRS for our members to use at meetings, (and any unlicensed visitors to use under the supervision of a club member,) G4SRS has also been used for the annual Practical Wireless 2m SSB 5watt contest.

Our members attend the club meetings as and when they can, we have free tea and coffee (sometimes biscuits) available all evening – we don’t have a committee or officers we operate on a majority decision basis and we all muck in as required – an attitude which seems to work well…

So if you are already licenced or a Short Wave Listener / Citizens Radio / or just interested in amateur radio we would be pleased to see you and say hello, please rock up to the Scout Hut, Dr Browns Road, Minchinhampton on the 4th Friday of the month where we will be pleased to say hello and have a chat a cup of tea/coffee and have a look around.

Alternatively you can e-mail Peter M0IND, who is the Club’s Coordinator at peter@broadband2k.plus.com to chat more about the radio club, we look forward to hearing from you..