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  6m UK to Canada and Japan 30-Jun-2019 12:29  

So having not put anything in this blog for 2 years I decided it might be worth writing something !

Had a dabble in the UKSMG Contest on the 1/2 June as G5BK/P although conditions for the wekeend as a whole were not great we did manage to get some contacts with 5B4 and TA being the most notable.

On Thursday 13th June after the RSGB UKAC I managed 6m SSB Contacts with VO1FOG and VO1KVT from Cleeve Hill using 100W and 6 Ele Powabeam - a few UK stations were lucky and managed to make contact with VO1FOG during the contest.

On Monday 24th June the band was open for a while to Canada and the USA with a few station worked on 6m FT8 using 400W with the 4 Ele LFA.

On Tuesday 25th June around 0800 BST the band opened for a number of UK stations to Japan, I managed to complete with 9 stations on FT8 and received 7 LOTW confirmations within a few hours (some better equipped stations worked 30 or more in about an hour).

Early today (Sunday 30th) I heard around 7 JA's, but conditions were not as good as on Tuesday with only short bursts of propagtion into IO81WV so only managed to complete 1 FT8 QSO.

I almost forgot: Only new DXCC on 6m so far in 2019 was an FT8 contact with 5T5PA at 16:27 UTC on 18th June. He has also been heard on SSB.

73 Stewart Wilkinson
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