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Who / what is G0LGS ?
G0LGS is an Amateur Radio Callsign issued to me in March 1989, when I upgraded (having completed the required 12 wpm Morse code examination) from my previous callsign (G1SHM) which was first issued on 23rd January 1986.
What can I do with it ?
The Licences issued with these Callsigns permit me to carry out experiments in Radio Communications on the various bands & frequencies that are allocated to the Amateur Radio Service in the UK & other Countries.
Where is G0LGS ?
The Station address is in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK [IO81WV], however the licence permits operation from other locations and I can often be heard operating from local hill-tops.
Which modes / bands do I use ?
I currently operate using voice modes (FM and SSB), occasionally using DATA modes (such as RTTY, PSK, JT65) and occassionally CW (Morse Code), mainly on the VHF & UHF Bands. This includes: 6m (50MHz), 2m (144MHz) and 70cm (432MHz).
I have in the past also been quite active on some HF bands, especially the 10m (28MHz) band between 1989 & 1998. Having obtained the necessary permit to use the experimental 60m (5MHz) channels in November 2007 I continue to make some contacts on this band (mainly SOTA summits).
73 Stewart Wilkinson
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