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My Radio operating
A lot of my serious VHF & UHF radio work is carried out away from the main station address ('portable'), hence I probably make as many contacts signing as G0LGS/P, G5BK/P and other /P club callsigns as I do from the main station as G0LGS.
Why do I operate portable ?
Despite having contacted a number of EU Countries on VHF from the main station address in the past, there are several reasons that I now do a lot of my VHF & UHF operating from 'portable' locations:
  • The main reason is that except during exceptional VHF & UHF conditions, the location of Cheltenham with the Cotswolds Hills so close to the south and east is generally not a good location for VHF & UHF radio (50MHz may be a possible exception with over 100 Grid squares in 36 Countries cotacted during 2008).
  • Much lower levels of local (man-made) noise (no TV's, Computers, Baby Monitors etc).
  • Generally no-one complains about what antennas you put up (even if they do sometimes stop to ask what you are doing).
Packing all the necessary equipment in my vehicle, driving to a hill-top location, unpacking and setting up, then taking it all down again takes up to 2.5 hours each time (at least 3 times during most months of the year, sometimes 3 times in a week during the peak of the contest season).
Is operating /P worthwhile ?
It certainly makes a difference for me, in a typical 70cm evening contest from the main station I would probably make contacts with between 5 and 10 stations (perhaps fewer), all of them in the UK, but operating from one of the hill-top locations I use it can yield between 30 and 70 (perhaps more) contacts with several of them being from other EU Countries.
73 Stewart Wilkinson
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