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CHIRP UK Channels V1.3 - Information

Sample CHIRP Files for UK Channels

This download (ZIP) contains separate CHIRP CSV files for each of:
  • 60m (5MHz) Channels
  • 6m FM Repeater Channels (NO CTCSS)
  • 2m Simplex Channels (145.200 - 145.5875MHz [12.5kHz spacing])
  • 2m (All-Mode Section) FM (144.5125 - 145.7875MHz [12.5kHz spacing])
  • 2m FM Repeater Channels (0.6MHz split, NO CTCSS [12.5kHz spacing])
  • 70cm (All-Mode Section) FM (432.500 - 432.975MHz [25kHz spacing])
  • 70cm Simplex Channels (433.400 - 433.575MHz [25kHz spacing])
  • 70cm FM Repeater Channels (1.6MHz and 7.6MHz split, NO CTCSS)
  • 23cm FM Repeater Channels (NO CTCSS)
  • These are recently created files and may have errors or omissions, please check carefully before using them - especially on 60m!
  • You should extact the ZIP to a location of your choice and then open or import the Channels you require into CHIRP.
  • You may add the files to the CHIRP 'stock_configs' folder, but be aware that this may have side-effects when the files are changed.
If you find these useful or have suggestions for improvement please use my Feedback form
Download CHIRP UK Channels
73 Stewart Wilkinson
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