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SOTA CSV Editor V1.5.9.5 - Information

SOTA (Summits-On-The-Air) CSV Log Editor for Windows

My SOTA (Summits-On-The-Air) CSV Log Editor features:
  • Simple Entry/Edit system.
  • User configurable (Operator Callsign, Bands, Modes, Location).
  • Suitable for SOTA Activator, SOTA Chaser logs
  • Compatible with VK port-a-log SOTA CSV files.
  • Create or edit SOTA CSV logs for direct upload to the SOTA database (one log can be uploaded for both Activator and Chaser entry).
  • Summit reference checking (optional) - using latest summit list from SOTA Database site.
  • Shows Summit name, Locator, Bearing and Distance information (when Database is available).
  • ADIF export of Log entries, suitable for direct import into many main station logging programs (when used with optional features).
  • Program updates can be directly downloaded and installed (with 'Windows UAC' prompts when necessary).
  • Tested under WINE on Linux (you will need to configure MDAC to use the Summit Reference Database).

Note: Users of some Anti-Virus products may need to white-list this site ( and/or the SOTA Mapping site ( in order to download the program or any updates, as otherwise attempts to download/update may be silently ignored.

If you have suggestions for improvement please use my Feedback form
Download SOTA CSV Editor
Virus Total Analysis for SOTA CSV Editor V1.5.9.5
Note: Detection's that DO NOT identify a specific named threat or that contain words or phrases such as: "Generic", "Behaves Like", "Malicious", "Confidence", "Riskware", "Reputation", "Score", "Heuristic", "Unsafe" are typically false-positives and DO NOT identify a genuine threat. These sort of threat identifications are typically due to a lack of use of the program amongst the user base of the Virus protection software (this is typically for niche-market software such as this)
73 Stewart Wilkinson
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